Porth, Newquay, Cornwall. UK  Tell A Friend
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Updated17/12/2017 13:45 

Beach Cam 1 - Looking West approx

newquayweather.com - weather station live cams

14th April 2014 - New HD ip webcam for Cam 1,
just click the cam 1 HD link above

porth cam 1 porth cam 1
porth cam 1 porth cam 1
porth cam 1 porth cam 1
porth cam 1 porth cam 1

Click on any image for full size, window will close if you click outside pop up

4th April Cam angled down, summer months have to keep angle low because of the sun

Thanks go to the headland Hotel, who kindly donated the webcam
headland hotel
and Dimensions of Newquay for fitting the webcam

December 2011, update Acorn granted permission for changes, unknown when building will start

August 2011, update Acorn have applied for planning to change the existing plans

20th April 2011, update, looks as if Acorn may start building end of the year

19th May 2009, Planning appeal granted, Acorn Property will be building the flats in front,
this beach cam view will be lost, blocked by block of flats. It is not known when
demolition and construction will begin.