Porth, Newquay, Cornwall. UK  Tell A Friend
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Updated23/01/2018 11:30 

Cornwall (CERC) incinerator and Plymouth incinerator plumes

Courtesy of plumeplotter.com

Cornwall (CERC) incinerator plume

Plymouth incinerator plume

Courtesy of plumeplotter.com

About Plume Plotter

Plume Plotter is based on AERMOD, developed by the US EPA, which is one of the most famous modelling systems for air pollution. It uses the regulatory default options of AERMOD. It takes account of the real terrain in the vicinity of the incinerator, current weather conditions, upper air data, as well as properties of the incinerator emissions and the shape of the incinerator buildings. Data about the incinerator and its emissions is taken from that provided by the incinerator promoters. The predictions on this website are not guaranteed to be 100% correct. Nevertheless, it is transparent: we explain how it works and what assumptions it makes in the accompanying web pages.

Please visit plumeplotter.com for more information.