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Updated23/01/2018 11:45 

Live Radiation Data from Newquay Weather Station

I've searched the net and this may be the UK's first public geiger counter data available in the UK.

Data from Newquay, Cornwall. UK - Operational from 24th May 2011

Latest data 26 uR/hr at 11:48 23/01/2018

NOTE : The 24 hour graph - Resets when PC rebooted

Last reboot 33 Days 20 Hours 16 Minutes 33 Seconds ago

Select a monthly radiation graph and click submit:
Last 24 hr graph updated every 5 mins, month graph every min. 29th May 2011 - 24 Hr data reset, new beta software, uploading to blakcatsystems world radiation map and european map here now so graph data in uR/hr to match other sites.

The data provide here should be considered as an indication only.

The geiger counter is a GM-10 (serial version )

The GM-10 contains a geiger mueller tube, capable of detecting alpha, beta, and gamma / x-ray radiation. Each time a radiation particle enters the sensing window, it is detected and the software on the weather PC adds up the number of detections and the Counts Per Minute (CPM) is calculated. The software creates a CPM graph which is uploaded at 5 min intervals to the webserver.

Today radiation is everywhere, it is known as background radiation ( more information Here ) and can come from man-made ( fallout from nuclear testing in the 1950's and 1960's) and natural (such as radon, cosmic rays), there is always some background radiation present, which can fluctuate due to weather evens such as air pressure, rain or even dust.

Location The geiger counter is temporarily positioned in front of a double glazed patio door, pointing north, whilst I find a suitable enclosure for mounting external such as a webcam housing.

More information on the GM-10 can be found here www.blackcatsystems.com


27/9/2017 - Last 24 hour graph not working since 26/09/2017 08:21:48, Fixed 27/9/2017 07:58

08/9/2015 - Weather and radiation data lost between 02:08 and 06:30 - PC Crash
11/7/2015 - Weather and radiation data lost between 00:30 and 05:46 - PC Crash
19/2/2015 - Software moved to new PC, seing higher readings, seeing approx 5 uR/hr higher, investigating
10/9/2011 - Geiger counter, position moved west approx 80 cm
26/8/2011 - Blackcat Systems Rad software updated to version 3.1.0b3
30/5/1011 - Coding to allow displaying past months graphs
29/5/2011 - New beta software from blackcatsystems, 24 hr graph reset data now uploaded every min, graph 5 mins
24/5/2011 - Uploading to blakcatsystems world radiation map now so graph data now in uR/hr
23/5/2011 - Up and running, except uSv graph not updating often
21/5/2011 - Installing and testing hardware, software and website installation
20/5/2011 - Expect delivery today
8/5/2011 - Order cancelled and a GM-10 ordered from www.blackcatsystems.com
25/3/2011 - Ordered from sparkfun but with the incident in Japan there is at least 6 weeks wait for delivery
and then there is interfacing and programing to do.