Porth, Newquay, Cornwall. UK  Tell A Friend
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Updated29/04/2017 02:45 

Live Porth Sky Cam

newquayweather.com - weather station live cams

Webcam looking north approximately.
Last 8 images

Cam now online 24/7 - Max 3 connections, after that blank image, try later, the
more there are the slower the refresh rate 3 minute timeout to home page

NEW storms video page added, 3 videos from the remnants of hurricane Katai

Approx local tide times and height (m)

29 April 201702:040.20
29 April 201707:527.23
29 April 201714:250.39
29 April 201720:147.09

21st July 2016 - Axis 207W, replaced with M1011
10th December 2013 - Axis ip camera replaced with updated model
14th April 2010 - USB webcam replaced with Axis ip camera, now with live streaming