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Location Map for European Earthquakes - Last 7 days
Centered on Berlin, Germany, 3000 mile radius

Only Magnitude 4.0 and greater available

Earthquakes in the past 7 days of magnitude 4.0 or greater within 3500 mi
Update time = Sat, 25-Mar-2017 05:53:53 GMT

Epicenter Near Magnitude Distance to Epicenter Local Time Link
22 mi ENE of Ilam, Iran 4.5 0033682093 mi 1490375399Fri, 24-Mar-2017 17:09:59 map
1 mi SSW of Horasan, Turkey 4.2 0025841605 mi 1490352864Fri, 24-Mar-2017 10:54:24 map
8 mi SSW of Palaia Fokaia, Greece 4.7 0018491149 mi 1490336670Fri, 24-Mar-2017 06:24:30 map
36 mi SW of Dadhar, Pakistan 4.9 0050653147 mi 1490336611Fri, 24-Mar-2017 06:23:31 map
53 mi WNW of Murghob, Tajikistan 4.1 0047602958 mi 1490327893Fri, 24-Mar-2017 03:58:13 map
21 mi N of Gorgan, Iran 4.1 0035952234 mi 1490225012Wed, 22-Mar-2017 23:23:32 map
60 mi WSW of Karakul, Tajikistan 4.3 0047192932 mi 1490227036Wed, 22-Mar-2017 23:57:16 map
21 mi ENE of Shughnon, Tajikistan 5.1 0047332941 mi 1490200025Wed, 22-Mar-2017 16:27:05 map
29 mi S of Jarm, Afghanistan 4.5 0047462949 mi 1490121488Tue, 21-Mar-2017 18:38:08 map
19 mi SE of Sanjwal, Pakistan 4.4 0050873161 mi 1490093797Tue, 21-Mar-2017 10:56:37 map
21 mi WNW of Shush, Iran 4.0 0035592212 mi 1490066096Tue, 21-Mar-2017 03:14:56 map
9 mi NNW of Alacakaya, Turkey 4.5 0025491584 mi 1490027986Mon, 20-Mar-2017 16:39:46 map
48 mi SW of Gyzylarbat, Turkmenistan 4.2 0035892230 mi 1489953333Sun, 19-Mar-2017 19:55:33 map
63 mi SE of Yilkiqi, China 4.4 0051683212 mi 1489959916Sun, 19-Mar-2017 21:45:16 map
23 mi SSW of Paphos, Cyprus 4.5 0025001554 mi 1489868128Sat, 18-Mar-2017 20:15:28 map
27 mi E of Muminobod, Tajikistan 4.5 0046102865 mi 1489836887Sat, 18-Mar-2017 11:34:47 map
12 mi S of Sehwan, Pakistan 4.4 0053443321 mi 1489837506Sat, 18-Mar-2017 11:45:06 map

17 earthquakes found. Click on location or map links for more details from the USGS

Map and data courtesy of United States Geological Survey.

The following describes the typical effects of earthquakes of various magnitudes near the epicenter. This table should be taken with extreme caution, since intensity and thus ground effects depend not only on the magnitude, but also on the distance to the epicenter, the depth of the earthquake's focus beneath the epicenter, and geological conditions (certain terrains can amplify seismic signals).
Richter magnitudes Description Earthquake effects Frequency of occurrence
Less than 2.0 Micro Microearthquakes, not felt. About 8,000 per day
2.0-2.9 Minor Generally not felt, but recorded. About 1,000 per day
3.0-3.9 Often felt, but rarely causes damage. 49,000 per year (est.)
4.0-4.9 Light Noticeable shaking of indoor items, rattling noises. Significant damage unlikely. 6,200 per year (est.)
5.0-5.9 Moderate Can cause major damage to poorly constructed buildings over small regions. At most slight damage to well-designed buildings. 800 per year
6.0-6.9 Strong Can be destructive in areas up to about 160 kilometres (100 mi) across in populated areas. 120 per year
7.0-7.9 Major Can cause serious damage over larger areas. 18 per year
8.0-8.9 Great Can cause serious damage in areas several hundred miles across. 1 per year
9.0-9.9 Devastating in areas several thousand miles across.
1 per 20 years
10.0+ Epic Never recorded.
Extremely rare (Unknown)