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Updated17/12/2017 13:45 

Earth Satellite Vehicle Passes

International Space Station View Look Angles / Visible PassesESV Ground Trace
Satellite Ground Trace courtesy: Heavens-Above.com

Bright Satellite List for your location.

Notes about viewing ESVs
When using look angles, choose passes with high magnitudes; less than 6.0. ("Looks" are local time.) Best viewing is when ESV is in Earth's penumbra; on map-solid line during night. Dotted line on map denotes ESV is dark, in Earth's umbra (shadow).

Objects in orbit have to maintain a speed of at least 17,500mph, therefore ESVs traverse the sky noticeably different than aircraft. ESVs appearing to blink are either tumbling rocket bodies, or spinning payloads with deployed solar arrays. High-Eccentricity objects have a more ellongated orbit. Ground trace looks like a backwards C. Regression-Ground traces will move West with each orbit due to Earth's rotation.

Script courtesy of: Lee from MadALwx.