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Updated17/12/2017 13:30 

Solar PV - 2014 Generation

2014 Data

Total Inverter 4421.592 kwh
Total Export 4347.7 kwh
PVGIS Estimate 3574 kwh

Genereated above PVGIS 847 kwh

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2014 PV Output

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System consists of:-

Panels: 16 Suntech STP250S (250 watts)
Inverter: Power One PVI3.6 OUTD
Roof Angle: 32
Direction: -30 (30 east of south)
Shading: Palm tress, removed
Partial shading winter, string 2

System Live: 4th February 2012, approx 2pm
PVI3.6 Inverter mounted in garage.
pv panel
Suntech STP250S

Cornwall Solar Panels

I highly recommend them, planned and fitted with first class service from a local company.

Give them a call and please mention Newquay Weather.
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